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A big part of my personality is that I don’t let things happen to me. I strongly believe in my own agency. Our cultural norm right now is that we are all totally in control of our own lives and

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Who I’m talking to

Last night I was sketching a list of goals, big and small, for my musical career. One of them was “be biography worthy”. Tying that to how I ended my last post about why I started writing songs and the

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The thing that got me started

Brian Fallon was talking about doing a solo album versus an album with The Gaslight Anthem and how it brought him back to why he started writing songs in the first place. And until that moment I thought I knew

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That’s a lot to put on a drummer

I used that phrase when talking about the band lately with Jay. We were sitting by the river drinking tequila. He asked what the ultimate goal was for me and I said I know what I truly want from a

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The concept for my next solo record

It’s going to be called Minimum Wage Musician. By the end of this post you’ll get why. Long ago I saw the movie The Devil And Daniel Johnston, in it someone talks about how Daniel didn’t have a way to

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I’m going to present a chronology for the last week of Greystone Gardens. And when I say last I mean the most recent and the final. This is one of those posts I sometimes write because I don’t want to

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How I’ve learned to talk to people

When my friend Dean died no one said anything right. They danced around it or they dwelled on it, they only asked me questions or they only talked about themselves. It wasn’t until I had recovered from that and listened

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