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How To Deal With A Bully’s-Eye-View Of Yourself

At the start of this post – I don’t know. Maybe, hopefully, by the end I’ll have figured something out. That’s why I write, that’s what writing is for. It comes up a lot for me that I don’t like

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The Perfectionism Of Drunks

In my drinking years I thought the only way to get better was to stop drinking entirely forever. And since I wasn’t willing/able to do that I automatically continued drinking entirely forever. I heard it from other blossoming young drunks

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One month of sobriety down, two to go. I notice during all my sobriety binges that consumer purchases go up, especially impulse buys, and there’s a struggle to have things to look forward too. When I was waiting for the

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The First Obstacle I’ve Hit Having Two Blogs

I’ll start writing a post that’s suits one blog, either fitness related or not fitness related, and always end up talking about fitness. So I think I should put it up on the fitness blog. Then it’ll seem too loose

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Strategy Vs Goals In Terms Of Forgiveness

I’ve talked about strategy vs goals before but I want to add a little bit and put it in a different context. For one I want to throw out the phrase you don’t want a drill, you want a hole

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Assume There’s A Solution

I’m taking the rest of the week off running. Two sessions in a row my shins hurt so bad I was wincing, cringing, my heart rate was higher than normal, I was sweating more than normal because I was in

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