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Second guessing vs audience guessing

The Freudian super ego is misunderstood. It’s not about a huge ego it’s about the social mirror, the audience effect. An effect that in all previous societies was turned off most of the time which we now have access to

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Nostalgia: escapism vs narrative

I’ve expressed my disgust with nostalgia repeatedly and I’ve ¬†often talked about the sense of life-narrative I carry and assume we all do. The early meaning of nostalgia is pain of the heart, close to what we’d call bitter sweet.

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The Delusion Of Impartiality

It’s often presented that men are out of touch with their emotions and woman are the opposite in touch. Or it’s presented that woman are overly emotional and men are not. I don’t see evidence of these claim at all.

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Finding time to socialize isn’t about time

I’m on vacation. I’m maintaining a schedule though, up at 8 to go jogging, and I have a chart next to my computer at my defacto desk, the kitchen table, that gets marked off each day when I exercise, read,

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There is no “after all we’ve been through”

It’s called loss aversion. The feeling that because you’ve put a lot of time and effort into something you can’t walk away with nothing. It’s not a bad internal mechanism inherently, once it kicks in it’ll keep you on your

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The Aim Of Getting A Total Annihilation Tattoo

I’ve been saving my left arm tattoo real estate for a Total Annihilation sleeve since I started getting ink. I’ve always thought it would be best done by a fellow fan of the game because they’d have an image of

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My counter argument to essentialism

I’ve been a believer in essentialism since before I knew the word. And I suppose I should define essentialism before I rattle on about it. Essentialism is the idea that the thing that makes a thing a thing – as

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