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Vanity, Pride, and Self-improvement

Pride and Vanity are almost the same thing, they rely on the same mental muscles, vanity just has one more mirror to bounce it’s signal off. Pride is what you think of yourself, if you were on the outside looking

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Writing About People

“If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” – Anne Lamott This quote made me feel better, it reminded me that I’m in the right. In the history of this blog I’ve been treated

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The problem with carrot/stick motivation

On the podcast, Jocko was talking about how negative reinforcement – teaching through punishment of bad behavior – is the worst form of leadership. People will work just hard enough to avoid punishment and that’s it. I’d add that eventually

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The Healthy Way To Stay Angry

I don’t know when I learned the word sublimation but I’ve always had the impression via context that it was a bad thing. Turns out it’s the best coping mechanism there is. There’s a story told in Surviving Survival about

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Solid simple advice

1. The best advice is to take advice. Every worthwhile thing has been said, some of it thousands of years ago, so stop reinventing the wheel of your self indulgent sorrow and just take the advice that’s out there. Wanting

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The danger of purpose of life

I do an astounding amount of stuff in a day. I’m baffled by myself. I work out twice a day, I swim, I’m training for a marathon, I’m memorizing The Great Gatsby, I’m writing everyday, I’m killing it at work,

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My eating habits have changed a lot lately. I used to consume tons of sugar and I gave that up about two years ago, then I stopped eating dairy except for special occasions, and this year I stopped eating grains

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