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Depression Triage

When I look back to the time when my life long depression started abating there’s things that happened by accident and things that happened as a matter of course that lead me out. There’s precious little relief in being free

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When Tim Ferris got his dad eating right and working out for a year his dad’s doctor remarked you’re ten years younger now than your last visit. Chronological age is really just trivia. The age of your body is a

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Coining a new word – Plantasy

A fantasy is something that is pleasurable because of its unreality. The word gets used most in terms of sex because the door of language only opens into sex, never out; words can go from neutral to sexual but never

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Knowing When You’re Vulnerable

I heard someone use the acronym HALT a while ago; Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. Don’t make decisions they say when you’re Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired. It caught me because I knew about 3 of them, I’m aware of HAT

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Running – what’s an advantage

Drug is one of those words than everyone knows and uses but can’t pin down a definition and Performance Enhancing Drug is even harder. If I eat a smart breakfast and you don’t I’m going to beat you on race

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Your Feelings Don’t Have To Be Scientifically Accurate

Without knowing I suffered under the weight of my own objectivity for a long. Objectively it doesn’t matter where you live; you could live in a palace or a crack den you’re still just as alive and still going to

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Shame is now a broken tool

Back when social groups were small and exclusion meant death shame was a useful tool; you could make someone better by shaming them. Shame is, oddly sounding, an act of love. It is the step before the loss of acceptance.

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