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Songwriting advice: Things to avoid

I know it’s better to give constructive criticism than destructive i.e, telling someone what not to do isn’t very helpful especially in music where rules (more like actually guidelines) are different in every genre. That said I want to take

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book report: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

I wanted to read Lolita because it’s a book we all think we know, it’s found a place in our cultural shorthand and Sting even references it in a pop song, but when I heard that cultural knowledge was misinformed

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The Capitalist Mindset Against Music

The way most people think about music was made clear to me when I heard an interview about Hallelujah by Lenard Cohen and what it meant to different people so I started asking people whom I know liked the song

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On malice and honesty

It’s strange how we equate malice and honesty these days. By that I mean we’re expected to sugar coat things we say and if we don’t it’s rude. If someone says “Do you like my haircut?” and you say “No.”

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An Analogous Conversation About Rape Culture

Disclaimer: I’m aware this is an oversimplification and I’m aware I’m being somewhat humourous about a subject that isn’t funny, I’m just expressing an idea and this seemed like the most efficient way. So here we go. Man: Doctors over-prescribing

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And now some articles that got it wrong (#notallmen #yesallwoman)

Notallmen: How discussing women’s issues gets derailed This article has a tweet in it and I’ve seen the metaphor elsewhere “You have a bowl of M&Ms, five of them are poisoned, do you want to stick your hand in? Not

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